About GNT

    Gold NanoTech Inc. (GNT) was established in 1993 by a team of electronic and materials experts focused on the R&D and manufacture of trace precious metals (including gold, silver, platinum and palladium). GNT is proud of its use of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), a physical metal nano manufacturing technology that is not only unmatched in the world but also radically different from ordinary chemical nano metal processing. GNT’s physical processing technology, as the purest nano material processing technology available, utilizes the three states of a material to produce nano materials without the addition of other elements or dispersants as well as pharmaceutical grade water for collection and distributin of such nano materials. Results from toxicology tests ensure the nano material produced therefrom being safe and practical. PVD-processed edibale GNT Gold flake produced by Gold NanoTech Inc., has a thickness of only 30 nm, which is a quarter of the thickness of traditional top-grade gold leaf, and is the only gold flake approved by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare for use in manufacture of candy, cake, chocolate and alcoholic beverages (Food Additive License No. 001598) and is manufactured in Taiwan's only legal factory for edible gold production (Factory Certificate No. 63-020517). As a result, PVD-processed edible GNT Gold flake is favored by many international and domestic food manufacturers. In addition, PVD-processed pharmaceutical-grade GNT Gold nanoparticle has passed skin irritation and sensitivity tests conducted by North American Science Associates Inc., (NAMSA), and has completed AAALAC level toxicity and pharmacology lab testing under the GLP quality system. Therefore, PVD-processed pharmaceutical-grade GNT Gold nanoparticle is suitable for use in cosmetic products,  new drug development, tissue engineering, medical cosmetology, beauty care products, and other related fields. 

Gold NanoTech Inc. (GNT) is the only company in the world researching and manufacturing medical metals to such high specifications and standards. 
    In the field of medical research, our products regarding medical applications of metals are widely adopted by government-owned agencies. All products containing nanometals manufactured from GNT are authorized to use our "Nautilus logo" and "GNT Gold" brand name so as to verify their high specification and distinguish them from counterfeits.